Design, Manufacturing, Quality Control

TUSA dive equipment is designed and manufactured to ISO 9001 standards.

At Tabata our goal has always been to provide our users with innovative equipment of the highest quality. To ensure quality, Tabata has been certified by the International Standards Organization to their ISO 9001 standards for Tabata Japan and Tabata Taiwan. The ISO certification provides independent assurance of our commitment to developing and manufacturing innovative equipment to the highest international quality standards.

regulators are a good example of how we develop and test our equipment before it is received by the diver. We subject all regulators to rigorous testing using an ANSTI machine before shipping.
We test inhalation and exhalation resistance, work of breathing, and intermediate pressure settings on all regulators. This is our way of assuring our customers that they can rely on TUSA regulators for many years of enjoyable use. This quality control applies not only to regulators, but every Tabata product.